1000 Degrees pizza franchise

Why should I choose 1000 Degrees Pizza Franchise as my next business venture?

There are many variables that separate 1000 Degrees pizza franchise opportunity from the rest.   Some of the most important factors that we believe make 1000 Degrees the best pizza franchise opportunity in the pizza & fast casual food segments are:

A) The Country’s best freshly made Dough:

First, we start with our authentic Neapolitan style dough recipe dating back over 100 years from the Campania region of Italy (Naples) . Most importantly, our authentic Neapolitan style dough is made fresh daily using “tipo 00 style” flour. Secondly, we use the right mixer! At 1000 Degrees, our fresh dough is mixed using an authentic “fork-style” mixer. We do not use the “dough hook” style traditional mixer used in most corner pizzerias across the country. Lastly, our “fork-style” mixer is pivotal to the end product.

A crispy yet airy, light-on-the-belly crust, that is thin and extremely tasty. Our Roman pizzas offer an authentic Roman style “thicker crust” option for those who enjoy a thicker, heartier crust.  At 1000 Degrees, we make our dough fresh daily in each of our restaurants. Most importantly, 1000 Degrees always hand stretches our dough balls, directly in front of the customers.  We believe that these variables factor into giving us the best tasting authentic Neapolitan pizza anywhere.  At 1000 Degrees, the goal is nothing less than the “best pizzeria in the city”.  1000 Degrees pizza will be the best pizza in your city, an uncommon achievement for the common “pizza franchise“.

B) 1000 Degrees Pizza Sauces:

Our delicious San-Marzano and Cherry tomato-based sauces will be the best your customers have ever tasted. Also offered is a wide range of other delicious sauces.  Some of these sauces include Spicy Sriracha Marinara, Blue-cheese buffalo,  honey garlic, pesto, alfredo, white sauce, & smokey bourbon barbecue to name a few.  1000 Degrees pizza franchise believes that the key ingredient in our franchisee partners’ success is having the best food of all pizza franchises.

C) 1000 Degrees Pizza Franchise Oven:

Part of operating in a Quick Serve or Fast-Casual environment is having a process that works. Secondly, we use a custom hand-made brick oven, that cooks our pizzas to perfection in just about 2 minutes. Unlike “west-coast” pizza concepts, we know pizza and our concept was developed in the pizza capital of the United States.   At 1000 Degrees pizza franchises, the oven is the heart and soul of our restaurants.

We do not use a dough press to turn our pizza into a fajita with a quick sear to compensate for a substandard cooking process. Our hand tossed pizzas cook for just about 120 seconds and are back to the customer just minutes after placing their order.  Roman style thick crust pizzas will cook in just about 3 minutes for those who prefer a thicker, heartier crust. Like wings? At 1000 Degrees Fire Roasted wings are to die for and take just about 4 minutes in our brick oven.

“The best pizza in the city”

Above everything else, at 1000 Degrees, we have the best pizza in the business, and we aren’t kidding! Our customers say “you had us at first bite”! Once you have tasted our Neapolitan Pizza and witnessed our total experience you will agree. 1000 Degrees pizza franchise stores have a “cult-like” following of pizza connoisseurs.  Because our pizza is so unique, our restaurants quickly build a following of 1000 Degree Pizza fanatics!

Competitive Advantages in Social Media Marketing:  New Media Promotion: (social media) marketing platform is second to none. Just like our Pizza, our marketing strategy is leaps and bounds above our competition. Sure, there may be other fast-casual pizza chains out there but we can assure you that there is nothing out there like us.  The 1000 Degrees is a pizzeria franchise opportunity stands alone, and we are very proud of that fact.

Pizza Franchise Support

Franchisee Support – A Franchise coordinator is always just a call, text or email away.   Operations and marketing teams guide you through everything necessary to give you the greatest opportunity to succeed.  You will have access to assistance in all aspects of operating a 1000 Degrees restaurant, from training, pizza franchise marketing, day to day management operations and more.  A Graphic artist is also available at your fingertips to provide custom Ad Slicks and other media required for all of your marketing efforts.

Monthly LTO Product Offerings and WEEKLY Franchisee newsletters.  Each month 1000 Degrees launches a variety of Limited Time Offering (LTO) products.  We provide everything from the ingredients and SOP (standard operating procedures) as well as Advertising media, menu file updates, etc to successfully launch and create constant excitement within the brand following with our limited time offerings.

What is included in the 1000 Degrees Fast Casual Neapolitan Pizza Franchise Fee?

When you sign with us to be a member of the 1000 Degrees Pizzeria family we will provide you with full training inside our corporate stores along with complete guidance and support while you build-out your location. We will also provide you with all product distributor contacts and 1000 Degrees Pizzeria account discounts along with a protected territory around your locations. Multi-unit operators, as well as local area developers, are given discounts based on commitment.

You will receive the rights and access to our proprietary recipes including but not limited to; our sauces, our doughs and cheeses, our trademarks and the use of the 1000 Degrees Pizzeria brand name.  You will access to assistance from within the 1000 Degrees system to everything from marketing guidance, food and labor cost analysis, profit and loss statement reviews and suggestions on maximizing profit margins, a graphic artist to provide ad slicks and other promotional material and a franchise coordinator who is experienced, and focused on helping you maximize your investment in your 1000 Degrees restaurant(s).

Is there an on-going monthly fee?

Yes. The monthly fee for a single unit is 6% of Gross Sales as Royalty plus 2% toward Marketing Fees. Unlike other brands, we do not have a hidden royalty because of a high % food-cost markup.  We believe in keeping our pizza franchise partners’ costs as low as possible. Therefore, as our price lowers due to economies of scale, so does yours.  As 1000 Degrees grows, as does our buying power, driving our costs lower the more restaurants open globally.

This model enables you to have a significant advantage, and a much better pizza. Because often times with a significantly lower food cost than your competition we believe it allows for a competitive advantage. Initial franchise fees are $29,500 per unit, as well as monthly royalty.  Multi-Unit Franchise Owners royalty fee is discounted to 5%.

Franchise Fee: $29,500.00
Monthly Royalty: | 6% single unit | 5% Multi-unit |
National Ad Fund Contribution: 2%
Master Franchise territories, as well as master developer rights, may available throughout the US and abroad.

Are there Net Worth requirements for becoming a Franchisee?

Yes. Expect your overall build out and equipment to cost $218,150 – $764,250 and financial requirements to $200,000 liquid and $300,000 net worth on average. This varies from space to space based on the size of the space and the current state of the space where the restaurant will be built.

Available Pizza Franchise Territories

1000 Degrees Pizzeria is expanding across the U.S. and internationally. Although some territories may be spoken for, there are still many great potential sites still out there.

What store size should I look for in an available territory?

We will help look with you for a qualified commercial space of 800-3000 square feet. Depending on your location, we have models that offer both beer & wine on tap, as well as without liquor. We will provide you the contact information of qualified commercial real estate brokers in your area that understands the type of scenario necessary for a 1000 Degrees Pizzeria to be successful.  We also offer a kiosk model for unique venues and situations.

How long does it take to open a 1000 Degrees Neapolitan pizza franchise?

Typically, you can open a Neapolitan Pizza franchise in 2-5 months from the day you officially sign with 1000 Degrees Pizzeria. Keep in mind that there can be time delays with any construction project. Depending on the availability of your new location(s) you may even be able to open in a shorter time frame.

How much will I make at each 1000 Degrees Pizzeria Franchise location that I open?

Sales vary from store to store. Please fill out an interest form, including specific questions in the Comment section, and we will be happy to answer you directly. We can also provide you sales figure for our corporate-owned stores via our F.D.D.

OK, I have read enough, I’m interested in opening a 1000 Degrees Fast-Casual Neapolitan Pizza franchise!
How do I get started?

Fill out our Interest Form with as much information as you can provide and a franchise coordinator will respond to you as soon as soon as possible, typically within 1-2 business days.  Also, our franchise development team can be reached via phone at 609-382-2309.

Request Franchise Information

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