Pizza near me from 1000 Degrees

If you’ve been searching for the best “pizza near me” or “best pizza place near me” around, look no further! 1000 Degrees Pizza offers some of the best pizza near me you will find in the world.  At 1000 Degrees, you’re the chef!  Either choose from our menu of the best pizza place favorites your city has to offer OR create your own masterpiece!

At 1000 Degrees we offer 2 types of pizza near me, and both we consider the best pizza place near me you will find!  We offer Neapolitan style pizza near me, as well as Roman pizza.  Our Neapolitan thin crust is available in both 10″ personal and 14″ family sizes.  Our Neapolitan style pies are going to have a delicious flavor, derived from “Tipo 00” style flour.  Our Neapolitan and Roman pizza dough is proofed to perfection for 72 hours using a proprietary fermentation process.  Our Roman-style pizza is for those who appreciate our flavorful crust and want something thicker and heartier.  Our thick crust Roman pies are also oblong in shape, just like the traditional Roman style pies in the old country!

Having the best pizza near me doesn’t stop at the dough!

At 1000 Degrees, all of our dough is made fresh, but that’s not all!  We hand stretch each and every single pie! Because the stretching of the dough ball is so pivotal in the outcome of the perfect pizza crust, we do not use any machines to pre-cook, pre-stretch, or pre-flatten our dough!  We hand stretch every pie with love to perfection keeping us the best pizza near me option you will find!

The best fire roasted wings & freshest Salads in the business!

1000 Degrees doesn’t just offer pizza!  We’re firing up the most delicious buffalo wings near me you’re gonna find!  If you’re also searching for wings near me, or chicken wings near me, or buffalo wings near me, we’ve got ya covered!  We have some amazing fire roasted wings, that are fired to perfection in our super hot, brick oven!  Choose from over 6 unique and delicious sauces and take your best wings near me search to a whole new level!  The best wings near me search is over.  Welcome to 1000 Degrees Pizza, Salad & Wings!